On Twitter this month: Top quotes, tips, and articles

By Emma Serlin
November 10, 2015

A wonderful month for London Speech Workshop on Twitter, thank you to our followers old and new for engaging with us. Here are some of our highlights:


“The spoken word belongs half to him who speaks and half to him who listens”.

This French Proverb captured both our audience's attention and London Speech Workshop's commitment to the full spectrum of communication. Read our blog on active listening here.


Our followers also liked this quote from former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams:


Top tips

We've also been sharing some of our trusted and digestible tips with our followers who particularly enjoyed the following advice:

On learning new sounds


and on listening



Articles and links

And finally, we've had the privilege of reading and sharing some really fantastic articles and blogs. We particularly enjoyed:

1. “So” is the new “Um”, by Decker Communications 

A short blog on why getting rid of 'filler' words will improve your communication confidence.

2. “17 Everyday Words You Might Just Be Mispronouncing & Why You Need to Stop” by Clare Fallon at the Huffington Post

We all find it hard to get certain words right! Here's a list of the most commonly mispronounced words and, crucially, their correct pronunciation.

Look out for more great quotes, tips, news, articles and some of our very own LSW blogs by following us on Twitter @SpeechWorkshop.

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