LSW's Founder & CEO, Emma Serlin, Analyses Communication Strategies in 'The Traitors' and gives tips on How to Negotiate a Pay Rise - Featured in Multiple Media Outlets


We at London Speech Workshop (LSW) are thrilled to announce that our CEO and Founder, Emma Serlin, has been featured in a series of prominent news outlets. Her insights into the role of communication in building trust have garnered widespread attention, highlighting the importance of our work in the field of effective communication.

The Spotlight on Effective Communication:

Emma's expertise was sought in the context of discussing the BBC's intriguing show, "The Traitors." Her contributions have been featured in various publications, including The Independent, Irish News, Ireland Live, Offaly Express, Newschain, Techregister, and Wiredfocus. These features underscore the significance of communication skills in every aspect of life, from personal relationships to professional environments and even in the context of reality TV shows.

Key Insights from Emma Serlin:

In her interviews, Emma delved into the nuances of communication, emphasising how it plays a pivotal role in building and maintaining trust. Her insights are particularly relevant in today's fast-paced and often digital-first world, where clear and effective communication is more crucial than ever. Even though communication is faster and easier now, this doesn’t mean the standard of how we communicate our ideas and opinions should fall by the wayside.

The Importance of Trust in Communication:

Trust is the foundation of all effective communication. Emma's discussions in these articles bring to light how nuances in speech, body language, and listening skills can significantly impact the trustworthiness of an individual. This is particularly evident in the dynamics showcased in "The Traitors," where communication strategies can make or break contestants' success.

LSW's Commitment to Communication Excellence:

At LSW, we are committed to empowering individuals and organisations to achieve excellence in communication. Emma's features in these esteemed publications are a testament to the impact of our work and the importance and relevance of the skills we teach.

Further Reading and Resources:

For those interested in exploring the depth of communication skills and their impact, we encourage reading the full articles. Links to Emma's features can be found below:


Emma Serlin's features across these news outlets not only highlight her expertise but also reinforce the importance of the work we do at LSW. As we continue to navigate a world where communication is key, LSW remains dedicated to helping individuals master the art of effective and trustworthy (or traitorous) communication in order to always put forward your most authentic (or traitorous) self.

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