The Journey to Becoming a B Corp: LSW's Path to Purposeful Business


At London Speech Workshop, our commitment to fostering positive change and ethical business practices has always been at the heart of what we do. Our CEO, Emma Serlin, recently shared her insights into our journey towards becoming a B Corporation, a path that represents our dedication to not just being the best in the world, but the best for the world.

The B Corp Basics

B Corporations, or B Corps, are businesses globally recognized for their rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. B Corp certification is more than a title, it's a commitment to use business as a force for good - balancing profit, people and purpose.

LSW's B Corp Journey

Emma's vision for LSW as a B Corp stemmed from a deep-rooted belief in the power of business to do good. This conviction was ignited years ago, sparked by the realisation that ethical rigour and mindful governance were the missing pieces in our quest to make a meaningful impact. The journey towards B Corp certification, while challenging, was a natural extension of our core values: to support individuals not just because they can afford it but because everyone deserves to live their best life.

The process of becoming a B Corp was both intimidating and enlightening, pushing us to examine every aspect of our operations through the lens of sustainability, responsibility and ethical business practices. It wasn't just about meeting the rigorous standards set by the B Corp certification but about integrating these principles into the very DNA of LSW.

Looking forward, the B Corp certification is not a final destination but a milestone in our ongoing journey of growth and impact. It's a declaration of our commitment to continuous improvement, to holding ourselves accountable, and to leading by example in the business community. We're excited about the possibilities this opens up for LSW, our clients, and our team, as we continue to explore innovative ways to contribute positively to society and the planet.

Why It Matters

This journey has been a testament to the belief that businesses have the power and responsibility to be forces for good. As we embrace this new chapter, we're inspired to deepen our impact, strengthen our community, and continue to evolve as a beacon of ethical business practices.

Take Action

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