Time To Celebrate: We're B Corp Certified!


We're thrilled to announce that London Speech Workshop is officially a B Corp.  

We’ve been working away behind the scenes and, after a challenging process, we couldn’t be prouder to share that we’ve met the rigorous strict social, environmental and legal requirements to become a B Corporation. 🎉

You’ve probably heard the name, but what exactly does B Corp mean, for us and for you?   

Why Become B Corp Certified?


B Corp Certification means that a business is meeting high ethical standards and focusing not just on profit, but also measuring their positive impact on people and planet. This is sometimes referred to as a triple bottom line. Gone are the days where a company measures its success purely by the metric of profit. The triple bottom line measures the three P’s - People, Planet and Profit.  Ultimately it’s all about striving to do, and be, better, and helping to make the world a better place. 

For our founder, Emma Serlin, joining a global movement for good has been front and centre of her dream for London Speech Workshop for a while. 

“I was driving and listening to a podcast when I first heard about B Corp. And all of a sudden I had this flare of excitement! It felt like I had discovered the missing piece in my vision for London Speech Workshop – and for doing good in this world. I wanted to be a part of that special group of ethically-minded business people who I believe in and look up to.”  

And so the journey to certification began. But it hasn’t been an easy one. 

The B Corp application process is long and rigorous – quite rightly so! – and the team have worked incredibly hard over the last couple of years. But, for us, it really is worth it. 

Here at London Speech Workshop, we take responsibility, mindful governance and rigorous ethics seriously. And now, as a B Corp, we’re part of a global community of brands that are leading the way and setting examples when it comes to doing better business. Brands like Ella’s Kitchen, Jamie Oliver Group, Evian, Ella’s kitchen, Sipsmith and many more….

“It’s not enough to say ‘I’m doing good in this world.’ You actually have to live and breathe it. And you can’t become a B Corp without having that commitment embedded in the very fibre and DNA of your organisation. To have that is what’s really special.”  

What Does Becoming B Corp Certified Mean For Our Clients?

Google Business - Jamie2

Our commitment to empowering people to become their best, most authentic, selves hasn’t changed. But there is competition out there! Clients have a lot of choice, and it can be difficult to figure out which path to take. 

“There’s a risk with personal development brands and coaching businesses. The industry is booming and people want to be able to identify the good ones, the ones with integrity. We have to know who we can trust. For us becoming B Corp means our clients know when they choose us that we are genuine about this work; supporting people to be their best selves, and totally and utterly committed to helping the world be a better place.”

There is also another added benefit for clients who work with us. As well as supporting their own development, they are giving back to the planet and the people in it. Altogether, helping us to plant trees, support the NHS and work with people from disadvantaged backgrounds.


What Does Becoming B Corp Certified Mean For Our Team?

London Speech Workshop1

You know what they say, you're nothing without your team! 

At London Speech Workshop, we’ve worked hard to build a strong team of kind, driven professionals – and we want to keep them! Becoming a Certified B Corp Corporation shows our team what we’re made of, that we’re always striving to do better, for ourselves and for the world around us. 

And that goes for growing our team, too. Emma says that “the best way to hire well is to find employees who share your values as a company. We want people that want to make the world a better place through their impact.”

And what better way to show it than through a shared commitment to shifting global business culture?

What Does Becoming B Corp Certified Mean For The Future Of London Speech Workshop?

LSW (206 of 277)

Now we’re part of a cohort of companies that want to make a difference, take responsibility and be held to account – it’s the start of a whole new and wonderful journey.

We want to grow, be better, do better – and ultimately become a role model company for other businesses with ambitions to make the world a better place. For us, in working out how to be a company that is kind as well as high performing inside and out, we are able to pass on our learnings to other companies with the same ambitions. That is exciting. 

For our Managing Director Andrew Rayner, it’s all about changing the way we think about doing good business.

“There’s a very cynical view around businesses being places that are about greed, about what they can take – but, for us, it’s quite the opposite. We’re doing good things by the very nature of the work we do, and we want to be part of a movement like B Corp that is making the world a better place. So when we put those things together, we hope to become a beacon for others. If you do good, you’ll attract others who want to do the same.” 

At London Speech Workshop, we’re so excited to become a part of something bigger. To collaborate with the global B Corp community and continue to grow our contribution to changing the world, one intentional step at a time.

Find Out More About How We're Giving Back

We are passionate about paying it forward, and doing our bit to help our beautiful planet and the people in it.

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