Harley Street

After an interesting and eventful Summer, we are restarting this blog with renewed vigour. This piece is a round up of news from the last six months. Firstly, we are opening our second London Speech Workshop consulting rooms, this time in Harley Street. The office is beautiful, and we are delighted to be there.

Next, last month we were interviewed by Russian TV, who wanted to discuss how elocution and accent softening are relevant in modern day Britain. We told them about our particular approach, that it is not about simply working on someones voice or accent, what we do at LSW is about empowering people as communicators, and the accent and how they speak is one important part of that, but certainly not all of it. They had arrived thinking elocution was just a technical process, learning how to enunciate correctly and neutralise certain sounds, and I'm sure they left with very different ideas!

We have also been interviewed by another film company this month, this time enquiring deep into our methodology and what makes us unique. LSW principle teacher Jamie and I spoke with them for an hour, and both of us realised how incredibly passionate we are about what we do at LSW. Both interviews were a wonderful opportunity for us to dig a little further into our feelings about LSW and share how our ethos and method work to make the shifts in clients that we see constantly. Theres nothing like some shared reflection to make a point, and thats what this did. Both Jamie and I and the interviewer left bubbling with excitement.

All of this chatting about our method has got me motivated again to return to the book. I completed the first draft (all 350 pages of it) last November, and it has sat to one side for 2014, as I spent some time working on a social enterprise project. Now however, I am returning to it, so I hope to be delivering our method to your kindle in the not too distant future.

Thank you for reading, and welcome back.

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