London Speech Workshop & The New Year —We’ve Gone Private!

By Emma Serlin
February 25, 2012

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There have been exciting changes at London Speech Workshop in recent months. The biggest news is all of our programs are now offered to clients in a private one to one format. I decided to do this because we have found that this really is the most effective way of making long lasting changes to ones accent and communication. And that of course, is what we are all about.

The main reason for this is because it allows the LSW coach to really hone in to the clients unique requirements and tailor the course around their needs and learning style. And its working so very well, so many of our clients are just so happy with the results, which in turn, makes us happy! I was chatting to LSW teacher Jamie Chapman the other day, and he told me how one of his clients asks him to record all the words for the new sound into her phone, leaving a gap for her to speak (exactly how our CD's work as well). He told me with a beaming smile how she had returned a week later with the sound perfected. This is because she is an audio learner, so this is the best way for her to really learn. I was very impressed as it was the English 'oh', one of the most challenging (and in my eyes beautiful) English vowels. You'll have to do a course to find out why we love this sound so much!

Also, we love for people who feel they might benefit from our courses, to have a go first, I think it's important to be able to try one class without having to sign up for a whole package. So that's why our 60-minute Taster Sessions are specifically designed so you can experience our proven method and what a course with us will be like, whilst giving you some powerful communication tools that will make a difference from day one.

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