Elocution - Or How To Speak Clearly

By Emma Serlin
October 19, 2017

Elocution is a rather dated notion nowadays and it's often associated with a certain way of speaking. This "received pronunciation" is a slightly posher but very neutral way of speaking; however, it's so much more than that.

Good elocution isn't about your accent, it's about how good a communicator you are. If you've ever wondered how to speak clearly, this is where you start.

Make people want to listen to you

Enunciating your sounds needn't be robotic; to make people want to listen you need colour, intonation, pausing and emphasis so you direct people to what's important in what you're saying.

Try it!

Next time you're reading, try to think about all of these things and see what happens to your communication!elocution

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