Our New Accent Confidence Course Has Launched

Our brand new Accent Confidence & Clarity eLearning Course is here - and I couldn’t be more proud. It’s been in the making for a year, in fact, for 12 years really, since I very first started London Speech Workshop.  

Up until the Pandemic, we worked with almost all our clients face-to-face, supporting their improvements as communicators and championing their progress, which was and continues to be enormously fulfilling. However, no matter how incredible the results we were getting with our clients, our ability to help on a wide scale was limited by the number of people we could reach through our team of coaches (and we function at 90% capacity). The silver lining of the Covid crisis for us was that it allowed us to take stock.  We quickly realised that the move online was a really positive one for us, allowing us to open up the life changing work we do to people all over the world.

This led to the development of our new eLearning platform - London Speech Academy - an interactive platform that allows us to deliver our proprietary Serlin™ methodology to people from any and every country, at a time and pace that suits them - And make it more affordable!

We started the Academy with our signature Accent Softening method - and while we did 3 eLearning Accent Softening courses last year (and got amazing feedback), since January we have been beavering away, with the intention of making it truly one-of-a-kind amazing. The result, is our bedazzling 10 week Accent Confidence & Clarity eLearning course, which begins on 10th May. And I couldn't be more proud. It is 10 weeks of interactive learning, using videos from me and our expert coaches, engaging exercises and quizzes, community support and more. Our mantra has literally been 'how can we make this more amazing?' And my big question was: 'How can we take the magic of our 1:1 and bring it here, onto this platform, making it affordable and accessible to thousands of people.' Which we've done and it's - plus it's all delivered in fun and easy to follow modules. The course teaches:

  • How to pronounce every vowel sound of English
  • How to recreate the melody of English, with our 3-step intonation technique
  • The rules around awkward spellings 
  • Inside knowledge of the secret tips and tricks of brilliant English communication
  • Lots of other skills and tools to empower people to be the very best communicator they can be

There are 3 different course options to choose from to suit the individual's learning style and budget - here’s a quick overview.


And just for the record, because it's always important to say when talking about accents and softening them, we think accents are wonderful, they form part of your identity and make you who you are. We never want someone to get rid of their accent, indeed, that is totally unnecessary to being a great communicator in English.

What we do know, is that English can be a challenging language to master for a non-native speaker, not in terms of fluency, but in terms of clarity and confidence. And that for so many people, the tools to speak clearly and effectively really are life changing. They can make the difference between feeling like you fit in at work or not, confidently sharing your vision in meetings and beyond, picking up the phone rather than choosing email, and so much more.

If this is you you will no doubt recognise it. And if this is you, then please check out this course. It could just be the difference that makes the difference. The one thing that gives you the tools to be the best communicator you can be, allowing you to truly master the English spoken word. That's our intention.

If you want to know more about the course you can download our brochure here:

View Brochure ➝

And if this is chiming all sorts of 'YES' bells, then you can sign up right  here. And bonus, benefit from our launch offer (that ends very soon).

I’m truly excited about how life-changing this course can be and I would love to see you there (I'm doing the welcome talk on the first night.)

Warm wishes


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