If you've got an important presentation or meeting coming up, you could be worrying about sounding confident - after all, if you don't sound confident, will people take you seriously? The way you deliver a message is just as important as the message itself. So we have summarised 3 simple tips below that you can use straight away to increase how confident you sound (even if you don't feel it inside!)



1. Remember Vocal Gravity 

Sometimes when we're nervous we rush what we're saying, trying to get to the point more quickly and often going up at the end of our sentences. Remember, what goes up must come down. If your idea has weight, then it needs to come down at the end. The end is the bit where you hand the idea over to the person you are speaking to. Think about each idea like a jewel. Because it is a jewel it has intrinsic value - and therefore you have to treat it as such. Ensure each point properly 'lands' with the audience. 


2. Stand Tall

Your body language is crucial to how you are perceived, but not just this, what you do on the outside, has a massive impact on how you feel inside- this is using physical intelligence. We think of this as working from the outside in. For a moment, hunch your shoulders in, point your chin and gaze down, and make yourself as small as you can. Now stop - how do you feel in that space? Ready to shine? I highly doubt it. 

Now try this. Unfold your body, stroke your shoulders back, imagine a string pulling you upward from the crown of your head like a suddenly alert puppet. Let your arms, legs and body take up space. Take a deep in breath and let out a long exhale from this open expansive position. And notice how you feel. Are you ready to shine this time? Quite possibly.

Remember this when you’re needing that confidence boost. Set your body on the right track and soon you will feel something too. 


3. Let The Magic YOU Out Into Your Words

More than ever before, we want to connect with people. We crave honesty, we crave connection, we crave, from behind our zooms or laptop, “real”. So whether it's virtual or real life, be prepared to release a bit of you. Share some details that are unique to your experience, the richness of your emotions, something you noticed, the details that you think are drab are often the bit that makes your communication full of flavour. 

Some people appear to be born confident, like they’ve got an innate superpower that others aren’t privy to. But this simply isn’t true. It’s not an innate, fixed characteristic that we can’t change. We can acquire and improve confidence over time and all have a say how we feel and how we are perceived by the outside world. 

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We're so excited for you to start this journey as improving our communication skills can have a huge impact on all areas of our lives.

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