Hats off to Harry - born to be Royal

12-Nov-2018 / by Emma Serlin posted in Tips, talk, LSW Founder 'insights', communication, Resources, public speaking, presentations, effective communication, confidence, elocution, body language


Prince Harry used to be the naughty prince, the nation’s younger brother, who was known more for his passion for partying than for typically Royal behaviour. 

And yet after some hair raising times in his twenties, he has stepped confidently into his role, using his position to give a voice to many who have been sidelined, disenfranchised or forgotten. He has done so with responsibility, grace, good will and a gentle determination, which reminds many of his mother. So what can we learn from his communication style?

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5 Tips for Speaking Clearly to Your Team - Part 2

7-Dec-2017 / by Emma Serlin posted in Tips, communication, confidence, effective communication, work

In the second of this two-part blog post, we continue to share top tips for those of you in leadership roles who are looking to communicate more effectively with your team. In our previous post, we looked at how clarity and confidence can have an enormous impact on how you communicate with your team. Here, we share the final three tips, which deal with how structure and preparation will ensure you get your message acrsoss. 

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5 Tips for Speaking Clearly to Your Team - Part 1.

1-Dec-2017 / by Emma Serlin posted in Tips, communication, confidence, effective communication, work

When you have gone high enough up the ranks to have a team of people working underneath you, you might think you should already have basic aspects of leadership, like communication, in the bag. And yet, a lack of effective communication among management is probably one of the biggest reasons for low performance, poor results, and people not getting along or enjoying their work. And, as we all know, finding a manager who is an excellent, effective communicator is rare! It is so important as a leader that the message you give is clear, both in your non-verbal messaging, positioning yourself as a leader, and also in your verbal. But regardless of how good we should be, the reality is that most people would benefit from some guidance to improve their efficiency as a leader.

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5 Ways To Stop Mumbling!

20-Oct-2017 / by Emma Serlin posted in confidence, effective communication

Mumbling can sound a little bit like someone has a mouthful of food and eating it is far more important than communicating. It can also sound like a person doesn’t want to be heard, that they are in some way apologising for speaking. Or worse, they are ashamed of what they are saying.

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First Impressions Affect Communication

5-Oct-2017 / by Emma Serlin posted in communication, confidence, effective communication

First impressions matter. As the saying goes “You don't get a second chance at a first impression”. Ensuring that people see the best of you from the beginning will not only make those relationships and interactions easier, but will also improve and expand your network.

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Power poses: the body language of winners

29-Sep-2016 / by Emma Serlin posted in body language, confidence, effective communication, olympics, power pose, Resources

With their arms raised skywards, fingers pointing and chests out, the Rio 2016 Olympians showed us some great examples of amazing power poses.

Thinking back on the games, it’s easy to find oneself gasping at the sheer talent and determination of the athletes on display. The Olympics give us an opportunity to watch people who are trained to push themselves to their limits, every nuance of their being angled towards success, and of course, winning.

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