The Do’s and Don’ts of dealing with interruptions at work

Written by Emma Serlin

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How to do yourself justice in meetings

If you’re an introvert, meetings can feel like warzones in which your main goal is to duck extroverted bullets while the loudest personalities exchange fire. So how do you do yourself justice in such...

Written by Emma Serlin

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Managing multi-cultural teams: a guide to improving communication

In an increasingly multicultural workplace - and with team working on the rise - it is becoming more and more important to prioritise effective cross-cultural communication. The good news is that...

Written by Emma Serlin

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7 self-sabotaging things you’re doing at work

Have you ever found yourself apologising for a suggestion, preceding an idea with a self-deprecating disclaimer, or phrasing a comment as a question in order to soften it? These communication habits...

Written by Emma Serlin

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How to go from ignored to adored at work

Visit any organisation and you’ll find a mix of different kinds of people: a plethora of personalities. It’s what makes for great ideas, creativity and ultimately, success. But it’s also what can...

Written by Emma Serlin

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Why is English pronunciation so difficult for Spanish speakers?

If your mother tongue is Spanish, you may find learning and pronouncing some English words and phrases very challenging. Since many of our Accent Softening clients are Spanish speakers, we thought it...

Written by Emma Serlin

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How effective communication can unlock your team's potential

If you have been around the block a few times in business, you will know that effective teams don’t happen by accident. What if the key is communication?

Written by Emma Serlin

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Presentation skills: the dos and don’ts of the dreaded Q&A

You’ve finished your presentation and the audience is applauding loudly. You feel a swell of adrenalin and know you’ve done a great job – all that practise was worth it. But now it’s time for the...

Written by Emma Serlin

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Valentines advice: From the bedroom to the boardroom...

Ever wondered what makes your colleagues tick? What turns them on in the office? Or do you save all your best lines for that special someone back at home?

Written by Emma Serlin

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This Christmas cracker joke sums up how accents can be a challenge!

Three guysare out walking. The first one says, “Windy, isn’t it?” The second one answers, “No, it’s Thursday!” To which the third replies, “So am I. Let’s go get a beer.”

Written by Emma Serlin

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