7 Self-Sabotaging Things You’re Doing At Work

Have you ever found yourself apologising for a suggestion, preceding an idea with a self-deprecating disclaimer, or phrasing a comment as a question in order to soften it? These communication habits...

Written by Emma Serlin

Published: September 27, 2021

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5 Ways To Ace Your Online Interview

Remember a time when you hadn't even heard of Zoom? These days, it's practically impossible to get through a single day's work without some form of video conferencing. There is no doubt that the...

Written by Emma Serlin

Published: September 15, 2021

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Post-Pandemic: 8 Communication Tips For Returning To The Office

Over the past year, we’ve all had to adjust to the virtual workplace and the challenges that come with it – from being interrupted on Zoom calls with Internet latency to missing out on the casual...

Written by Hannah Wright

Published: July 7, 2021

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5 Ways To Host More Productive Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings. They’ve lost their shine a bit, haven’t they? Gone are the heady days when the word ‘Zoom’ might have struck up connotations of dynamism and efficiency. When the idea of a ‘Hangout’...

Written by Emma Serlin

Published: February 8, 2021

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How To Communicate Effectively At Work: 5 Tips

One thing the Covid crisis hasn’t changed is how we all want to be taken seriously in our working lives. Whether in person or through a computer screen - the drive to communicate effectively at work...

Written by Emma Serlin

Published: December 17, 2020

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Virtual Team Communication: How To Connect

The world has changed - in many ways beyond recognition in the last 9 months - and a huge percentage of people are now working remotely. One of the most important things about work are the...

Written by Penny McNamara

Published: November 20, 2020

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How To Deliver A Captivating Virtual Presentation - Our DOs And DON'Ts

As our working lives have shifted online, we've become more familiar with this new way of working. Online meetings, online interviews, a deluge of emails every day and very little live human...

Written by Emma Serlin

Published: September 17, 2020

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How To Manage Uncertainty In The Virtual Workplace

Our working lives have been evolving for a while now, but the global pandemic has led to a radical change, and a scale of uncertainty that many of us have never experienced before. Working entirely...

Written by Cat Clancy

Published: May 12, 2020

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Women In Business: How To Play To Your Strengths To Get Heard

Many of our female clients struggle with various workplace challenges, from being told to ‘smile more’ or that they are ‘too passionate’. While men also have communication challenges at work, there...

Written by Emma Serlin

Published: March 5, 2020

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How To Have Difficult Conversations At Work

Conversations can be difficult for a number of reasons, but usually it’s because we’re worried about how the other person will react, or that we will make them feel bad. We can pendulum-swing between...

Written by Emma Serlin

Published: February 17, 2020

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