TED Talks To Watch: 7 Secrets Of The Greatest Speakers In History

Of all the speeches you’ve heard in your life, which one sticks out to you the most? Does Martin Luther King spring to mind? Winston Churchill? Or more recently, perhaps Greta Thunberg or Malala Yousafzai? What techniques do these speakers use that make their ideas stick in your brain? 

In one of our fantastic TED Talks, Richard Greene describes how important it is to bring your heart into the conversation. The more ‘you’ there is, the more powerful the speech.

Greene says that “Public speaking is nothing more than having a conversation from your heart about something you are authentically passionate about.” - we couldn’t agree more! He reminds us that great speakers don’t give speeches, they have conversations. If you think of it as a performance, you're going to be 100% actor and 0% you, and the audience will sense the nerves (41% of us turn down the opportunity to speak publicly because of being scared - imagine how many life-changing opportunities have been missed!).

So... how to be a great public speaker... well let's start with how do you have a great conversation:

1 - Step one is to put in emphasis, pauses and colour into your voice - then make some eye contact!

2 - Next is to add the passion and energy, the authentic YOU that everyone wants to see. 

He also highlights the importance of body language, tone of voice and authentic passion (there's plenty more of this in our Public Speaking Course). 

Greene himself is an amazing speaker, and manages to engage his listeners so they are hanging onto every point he makes. Listen to how he emphasises the words that contain the information, making sure that those words get all the way into the heads of his audience. There is no doubting what’s important when you listen to him. 

Notice how he uses his fingers and hands to back up his point. It is highly effective, and a great tool particularly if you are a non-native speaker, to ensure your powerful points get across, regardless of your pronunciation.

Seriously though, this guy knows his stuff. He reminds us the importance of sharing from your heart and your gut. This is so much more important than getting each sound perfect, or being polished. So for the next presentation or pitch or even wedding speech you do, find your why, your one thing and go for it!

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