The Equation For Effective Communication

By Emma Serlin
October 3, 2017

What if there was a simple equation that helped you to become a better communicator? Well, now there is! 

Our video explains the meaning of the equation A + C = E and why it is so important for effective communication.

At London Speech Workshop we like to use metaphors and simple rules to help you become a great communicator. The communication equation makes it easy to remember the two key points.


Be genuine. Show the audience that you are passionate about your subject, that you really care about the story you are telling or the point you are making.


Show the audience that you care about them, make them feel that they matter to you. That's how you connect.


If you show that you care about your subject and you care about your audience then your audience will care about you and what you are saying.

So, in summary, being authentic and connecting with the people who are listeing is the best way to ensure that they engage with your talk or presentation.

Try it next time. Good luck!


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