How to pitch like a pro

15-Mar-2018 / by Michael Pryke posted in ebook, effective, business, presentations, pitching

Whatever line of work you’re in it is likely that at some point, you will be called upon to pitch something. Whether you are responsible for securing business for your company; or an entrepreneur looking for investment; or hoping to get your team excited about a new initiative, pitching is a skill which many of us will need to use at some point in our professional lives.

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7 presentation tools that will ‘wow’ your colleagues.

1-Mar-2018 / by Michael Pryke posted in ebook, Tips, presentations, power pose

At LSW, we know that giving presentations can be some people's worst nightmare. We also know that many of you will have sat through boring presentations, wishing for the moment you see that final slide - 'Any Questions?' - and know that it's over.

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How to soften an accent (without losing it altogether)

2-Feb-2018 / by Emma Serlin posted in Accent softening, ebook, Social & Cultural, effective communication

Accents are important. They are an intrinsic part of who we are. They are part of our heritage. They tell the story of our background and our culture. So, why would we want to get rid of them? Well, as much as they are an asset to us, accents can be a double-edged sword, and for many they represent a conflict. For, while on the one hand, our accents are an integral part of our identity; on the other hand, for a non-native English speaker living and working in the UK, an accent can feel like it gets in the way of effective communication in English. And that can be a problem.

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5 Tips to a better English accent - WITHOUT an accent coach

25-Jan-2018 / by Emma Serlin posted in ebook, Accent softening, Tips, pronunciation

Your English is Already Great

Before we begin, it’s important to establish something really important: your English is great.

I mean it.

You are speaking a language that is not your mother tongue, and functioning very well. On a day-to-day basis you’re ordering food, getting from A to B, socializing and forging friendships. So, before we go any further, pat yourself on the back for your achievements. Functioning in a second language is more than many people will ever achieve. Well done.

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Introducing our latest eBook - '5 Tools to Stop Your Accent from Getting in the Way'

15-Jan-2018 / by Emma Serlin posted in Accent softening, Launch, ebook

We are delighted to be kicking off the new year with the release of a new eBook, in which our founder Emma Serlin shares her top 5 tools for making sure your accent doesn’t get in the way of your effective communication.


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