Good Elocution Improves Authority At Work

By Emma Serlin
October 25, 2017

Do you want to build respect in the workplace and improve your authority when you are speaking?  Look at both your verbal and your non-verbal communication.

It's important to give the impression of being in control if you want to earn respect from your co-workers. 


Non-Verbal Impressions

Firstly, your non-verbal communication, your body language. To be positive and authoritative you need to own your space. Put your shoulders back and hold your head upright to start building an impression of authority.

Check your Elocution

When it comes to your verbal communication, you need to consider your elocution - how you say what you're saying. Remember to add emphasis, intonation and pauses.

Speak at a steady pace, pausing just enough to show that you are in control of the ideas you are conveying. Use emphasis to push key words and add intonation and colour into the words that matter.

Try these at work and they will help you speak more clearly and sound more authoritative. 

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