Death by Powerpoint: Why storytelling is key to presenting

I am willing to bet that when you’re tasked with giving a presentation at work, the first thing you do is load up PowerPoint on your computer. However, by presenting yourself with a blank canvas that...

Written by Michael Pryke

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The Equation For Effective Communication

What if there was a simple equation that helped you to become a better communicator? Well, now there is!

Written by Emma Serlin

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Empower your speech by using vowels

The delivery of what you say can make all the difference in how your audience remembers you - for both the right and wrong reasons! Remember that lacklustre speech you endured that almost sent you...

Written by Emma Serlin

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Authentic speech: what does it mean and why should you care?

We all know what inauthentic communication looks and sounds like. Whether it’s a politician from an elite background trying to mimic a Northern working class accent to “get on the voters’ level”,...

Written by Emma Serlin

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