How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome: 12 Tips

How many times have you thought “I could’ve done that much better” after giving a presentation or leaving a job interview? There are lots of potential reasons for underperformance—but the one we give...

Written by Hannah Wright

Published: January 21, 2022

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Our Pursuit In Becoming B Corp Certified

At London Speech Workshop we have always been passionate about empowering people to be the best, authentic and kind communicators they can be and to unleash their voice. Every day we see first hand...

Written by Elise Watson

Published: January 17, 2022

12 Productive Ways To Keep Yourself Busy In Isolation

Self isolation might limit your movements and connection with the outside world for a period of our lives, and there's no doubt that this can be challenging and lonely, but let's not let it limit our...

Written by Emma Serlin

Published: January 4, 2022

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Empowered & Real: Communication for a Brave New World

Yesterday I was sitting in my front room, with the cat climbing up the curtain behind me and my five-year-old son singing in the room next door, holding an important meeting with the Managing...

Written by Emma Serlin

Published: December 23, 2021

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The Brilliance Of Julia - An Interview With One Of Our Principal Coaches

Twelve incredible individuals make up the coaching team at London Speech Workshop, each one handpicked for their expertise, warmth and that extra 'touch of magic' that embodies our values. Julia is...

Written by Julia Montague

Published: December 16, 2021

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6 Work Christmas Party Survival Tips

The Christmas party season is here again and you might be one of the lucky ones desperate to get there and let your hair down. But you may be one of the many bracing themselves for the trial ahead -...

Written by Emma Serlin

Published: December 1, 2021

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How To Dress For An Interview, With Stylist Nicole Page

At London Speech Workshop our Interview Technique course goes much further than just how to answer the questions that are fired at you. We teach our clients how to remain calm and composed, how to...

Written by Hannah Wright

Published: November 15, 2021

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5 British Pronunciation Tips For Indian Speakers Of English

To speak of ‘Indian speakers of English’ is to cast a very wide net. There is no one Indian accent - you will hear differences from region to region and language to language. However, there are some...

Written by Olivia Darnley

Published: November 3, 2021

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21 Tips On How To Improve Presentation Skills

We’ve all heard it, it may have been at a conference with thousands of attendees or in a small office meeting, a TED talk we watched online, a recent seminar... It could even have been during the...

Written by Penny McNamara

Published: October 30, 2021

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How To Communicate In A New Job - With Impact!

Starting a new job is scary, right? It’s a bit like your first day of school - you want to make new friends, you don’t want to make a fool of yourself, not to mention proving your skills and...

Written by Hannah Wright

Published: October 12, 2021

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