Why honest and open communication is key to getting respect at work

14-Aug-2018 / by Emma Serlin posted in Social & Cultural

We hear it all the time. Honesty and openness is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship. Why then do we approach our working relationships with any less transparency than we do in our personal relationships?

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How to deliver the perfect wedding speech

10-Aug-2018 / by Emma Serlin posted in Social & Cultural

The special day has arrived. As you stand up to deliver your speech you gently tap the side of your glass invitingly. Heads dressed in white from the neck downwards turn in your direction like a flurry of flamingos. It’s your time to shine!

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How to speak eloquently

18-Jul-2018 / by Emma Serlin posted in Social & Cultural

Have you ever listened to a brilliant speaker and felt captivated by the music of their speech, the poetry of their words and the resonance of their voice? Then they probably have that magical combination that we call eloquence. 

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Why do we struggle with communications at work?

4-Jul-2018 / by Emma Serlin posted in Social & Cultural

The workplace is fraught with different pressures. “Am I good enough?” “Have I achieved my KPI’s?” “Do I deserve this job?” “Am I justified in asking for that pay rise?” “What does my boss think of me?” At one point or another, most of us have asked ourselves at least some of these questions.

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How to Communicate With Your Team to Earn Their Respect

25-May-2018 / by Emma Serlin

Respect, it is said, is earned and not given. For many of us, being respected as a leader or colleague is hard-won and, in the early stages of a professional relationship, it can seem like a bit of an uphill struggle. Whether you’ve been newly promoted from inside an organisation or are taking on a management role in a new company, your new role as leader presents some challenges but, importantly, exciting opportunities where communication is concerned.

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“Oar vs Or!” 5 tips to deal with crazy English spelling

5-Apr-2018 / by Emma Serlin posted in Accent softening, spelling, english RP, Tips

The English language is a peculiar beast. In what other language would you pronounce 'law', 'caught', 'sure', and 'poor' with the same vowel sound? Or pronounce all these words with different sounding 'o' sounds? ‘Stop', 'hope', 'London', 'now’?

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Be more assertive at work (not aggressive)

29-Mar-2018 / by Michael Pryke posted in Assertiveness, work, communication, effective communication, workplace communication

How is it that some people seem to get exactly what they want at work, while others struggle to get anywhere at all? We all know the sort of people – they are often the recipients of promotions ahead of their peers; they negotiate their ideal salary while others jump at the first offer; and management often implement their ideas when they’re presented at meetings or in proposals.

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Death by Powerpoint: Why storytelling is key to presenting

16-Mar-2018 / by Michael Pryke posted in work, Tips, communication, public speaking, presentations

I am willing to bet that when you’re tasked with giving a presentation at work, the first thing you do is load up PowerPoint on your computer. However, by presenting yourself with a blank canvas that you feel compelled to fill, you are giving yourself further hurdles to jump before you even know what it is you’re going to say!

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How to pitch like a pro

15-Mar-2018 / by Michael Pryke posted in ebook, effective, business, presentations, pitching

Whatever line of work you’re in it is likely that at some point, you will be called upon to pitch something. Whether you are responsible for securing business for your company; or an entrepreneur looking for investment; or hoping to get your team excited about a new initiative, pitching is a skill which many of us will need to use at some point in our professional lives.

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7 presentation tools that will ‘wow’ your colleagues.

1-Mar-2018 / by Michael Pryke posted in ebook, Tips, presentations, power pose

At LSW, we know that giving presentations can be some people's worst nightmare. We also know that many of you will have sat through boring presentations, wishing for the moment you see that final slide - 'Any Questions?' - and know that it's over.

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